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Wondering where the closest washroom is? Download the fastest, highest-rated bathroom-finder app and never wonder again. Where to Wee is an application for your iPhone or iPod Touch that shows you where to find the closest restrooms, anywhere in the world.

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Restroom Discovery

Another great week of restroom hunting well-spent. Every time I add a new location to Where to Wee, I get this tremendous sense of well-being. It just feels great, and I’m not the only one, it looks like plenty of other Where to Wee users get satisfaction from adding their favorite places to relieve themselves too. It’s a strange sort of pleasure, sharing your restroom with the world, but it’s also about pride. Sometimes, you just want the show off the best restrooms around.

Occasionally, you stumble upon the coolest bathroom in the strangest places. One example that I saw recently, I was in a totally unassuming department store, when a short venture to the restroom revealed a hidden treasure. The washrooms were expansive, and littered with big, fake plants. Stalls lined the far wall, and an island of sinks in the middle made it seem almost romanesque. The soft pink tones and wallpaper were my first indicator that I had walked into the woman’s restroom, and after an embarrassing altercation with a female patron of the department store, I hurried into the men’s restroom. Needless to say, it was somewhat less breathtaking.

I hope I can see that bathroom again one day, I would have LOVED to take pictures of it. I’ll have to find a woman who is as passionate about restrooms as I am to go back in there and take some photos (I’ll post photos them here if I can). I would give anything to see that glorious restroom again.

Now, every time I see one of those skirted female outlines on a door, I imagine the blissfully decorated, spacious, and clean restroom of beautiful white porcelain and gold accents that must wait behind it. What other mysteries lie beyond those doors, I wonder. Hmmm.

What a Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! I had a wonderful weekend of restroom seeking and reviewing. You know, it’s amazing what you can find in the bathroom if you just check it out. I like to know what color the stalls are. Maybe they’re green, orange, or blue, who knows? It’s awesome.

And did you ever notice how some places have hot-air hand dryers, while some have only paper towels. Sure, I can appreciate them both on their own, but it really bugs me when a restroom has hot-air dryers AND paper towels. I can never decide which to use. I just wind up staring at my options until my hands dry.

Another thing is the toilet seat. Who decides whether the seat is U-shaped or O-shaped? I’d like to know how they reached that decision. Personally, I prefer the unclosed U-shape toilet seat, but why not have one toilet with an O-shape and the other with a U-shape? Give people the option, you know. Then again, I get indecisive when presented with too many hand-drying options, so maybe the choice of toilet seat is a bad idea.

What kind of toilet seat do you prefer?

Wee're Back!

Hi everyone. I’m sorry I was away for so long. You probably thought I fell in, didn’t you! Well, not to worry, I had time to dry off.

Now that I’m back, you’re going to notice some changes coming to the website. I can’t say right now, but it’s going to be awesome! Also, don’t forget to follow Where to Wee on Twitter.

There have been rumours (hushed whisperings, really) of a chance to see Where to Wee on television. Due to the hushed, whispery nature of this announcement, more details will be forthcoming. Simply stay tuned to this space for more info.

To infinity and pee-ond!

Wee Here- Not There! Win a flight for two!

Yes! Our contest Wee Here- Not There is starting today, and we’ve got lots of great prizes to give away, including a flight for two to anywhere in North America that Air Canada will take you! That, and we’re giving away a 16 GB iPhone 3GS every month until March. Pretty sweet, eh?

More details will be coming, so keep a watchful eye on this page!

Yes, George Costanza's iToilet app is real!

On last Sunday’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, we learned a bit about what Seinfeld’s George Costanza’s been up to the past ten years: he made millions off of an iPhone app called iToilet but lost it all by giving his money to Bernie Madoff.

A lot of people on Twitter have been wondering when someone will invent something as brilliant as iToilet, an iPhone application that uses GPS to find toilets. Well, there's no wondering, because it's already been invented!

Though, out of all the Seinfeld characters, I would have thought Kramer would be the one to invent the iToilet. Oh well...

Mr.Bean in the Toilet.


Mr. Bean in the toilet. Classic Mr.Bean, ho ho ho. 

The Comfort Wipe

 "For over 100 years we've been scrunching and folding toilet paper." 

I saw this months ago, but just saw it again. I could see this being useful if you were responsible for someone else's backside, but  for me a stick would just get in the way.

WOW! It's WOW Toilet!

Advertising is unescapable these days, and it seems the tank of your local toilet has finally fallen to the almighty dollar.

WOW Toilet is a company that specializes in the residential and commercial need for pictures and advertisements to be displayed on toilets. The opening line for their residential Flash video puts everything into perspective: "Does your toilet look this boring?" Well, yes it does. It looks exactly like a device that does what it does should.

While I might be interested in having my portrait placed in the tank of a toilet, I think they've got something here with the commercial side of it. Whether you're going number one or number two, you really can't miss a large beer bottle staring you down in a toilet stall:

Oh, and they have a blog. And Twitter

LOOWATT: The toilet made from you-know-what

I tweeted about this awhile back, but it's cool enough to post again. Here's a good description of the LooWatt from Inhabitant:

The LooWatt is a waterless toilet system that transforms human waste into a highly valued commodity – energy. The low-cost mechanical eco commode encourages people to trade in their waste for biofuel, creating an urban infrastructure that encourages proper waste disposal, cuts down on the spread of water-born illnesses, and provides a reliable source of energy (so long as you’re regular). Check out Dwell’s fantastic video (below) for an interview with designer Virginia Gardiner, and read on for more on the poop toilet!

Where to Wee donating $1/app to charity

Where to Wee is committed to making a difference in the world through partnerships that relate to our own goals.

That’s why Where to Wee is committed to donating $1 USD of every application downloaded to innovative and creative

Whether it’s raising awareness about how important proper sanitation is to preventing disease, or how medical problems
such as Crohn’s, Colitis, and IBS drastically affect the lives of millions, Where to Wee is working towards raising awareness (and funds) to support these important issues.


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